Mentor of the month: May

This month's mentor is Paolo Vasari MBA2006, Strategic PMO Leader at General Electric Oil & Gas, who shares his story of mentoring at LBS, and what it means to him. 

What values characterise LBS? Where does mentorship fit into the LBS culture?
For me, apart the top academic value, LBS is about the networks you form: and mentoring is all about that.

What’s your top piece of advice for people considering the scheme?
Learning is always a two-way path: the mentor may learn as well from mentee's rich experience too, and this is very likely in LBS Community.

Why did you choose to take up mentoring?
I decided to mentor because I always like meeting new people and making connections, not necessarily with like-minded people. Another reason is that I believe in an overall balance of giving and receiving in life, so this was my way of giving back.

What’s been the highlight for you of becoming an LBS mentor?
Keeping up with the evolution of LBS Community; those who are now facing different market and socio-political endeavours from those I experienced when I was at LBS and then re-entering in business.

The LBS community is global by nature. How much of your mentoring was face-to-face, versus virtual? What are the benefits of each?
With my mentee so far, I have had only virtual meet ups, via video call. I do believe that technology is highly valuable to connect a global community, but nothing would replace a face-to-face conversation.

Have you ever been mentored, either at LBS or in your career? What was the impact on you and your career?
I have never had a formal mentor, but there are a few people I consider as my mentors and I still go back to them today for advice.

In one sentence, why do you think mentoring is important?
It’s important because you benefit from the experience of people who have already gone through the School and back into the workplace, and get a fair assessment from them...then you can judge for yourself.

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