Spotlight on volunteers: Paul McCarter SEMBA2004

This month we caught up with Paul McCarter SEMBA2004 about his experience of mentoring current LBS student Tristam Kay EMBALJ2018. Paul is currently based in London and is Managing Director at Serco Defence. 

In one sentence, why is mentoring important?
I think that passing on the experience gained through difficulties so that others can improve their future.

What’s your top piece of advice for people considering the scheme?
You can achieve more by learning from retrospective analysis of failure and success from those who have previously experienced it.

Why did you choose to take up mentoring?
I enjoying helping talented people achieve more.

What’s been the highlight of becoming a mentor?
Helping a struggling but talented person, gain success at work and then become a student at LBS.

Have you ever been mentored, either at LBS or in your career? What was the impact on you and your career?
Yes, throughout my career. My mentor has supported me whilst I worked for him and in my various roles. It has been extremely useful both for career choices and to get a truthful sounding board with difficult decisions and complex problems.

What is your life motto?
Don’t eat too much cheese cake.

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