This month we heard from John Bridges MBA26, Transformation Programme Manager and Director, IPPM Ltd. John discusses what he'd say to prospective mentors and the value of mentoring regardless of sector. 

In one sentence, why is mentoring important?

Mentoring benefits both parties - each gain something from it (a new perspective, or new information and skills).

What’s your top piece of advice for people considering the scheme?

Really listen well to the mentee and try to get inside their life, to see things from their viewpoint; then jointly examine options and issues and then gently help them to come to a good way forward.

Why did you choose to take up mentoring?

I really enjoyed my 3 years at LBS and wanted to help support current students. I also enjoy learning about other people's business lives and career plans.

What’s been the highlight of becoming a mentor?

Encouraging a very capable young Engineer to move into a leading Consultancy and to blossom there.

If you could choose a dream mentor, who would you choose? Why?

I think it has to be Elon Musk, since he is such a visionary and is trying some bold new things!

Where does mentorship fit into the LBS culture?

LBS is a special community of people, and we can each learn from each other. I believe in lifelong learning, and its good to interact with people from different sectors.

What is your life motto?

On their deathbed, no one wishes they had spent more time at work..!

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