Introducing our 50th Anniversary Scholars

What does it mean to be a 50th Anniversary Scholar? Made possible by alumni and friends of LBS, 50th Anniversary Scholarships cover a programme’s full fees and are open to all applicants. The recipients are at various stages of their careers – from recent graduates to seasoned entrepreneurs. What they have in common is their appreciation for being enabled to take the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity of studying at LBS. Here’s what the scholars have to say about the difference the awards have made to them:

MBA student Jade Clark MBA2018, a Harvard economics graduate and former Bain & Company consultant, is hoping to move from management consulting and strategy at Hawaiian Airlines into private equity. Through the LBS network she has gained part-time internship experience in private equity since the first term and has had the chance to visit Hong Kong and Beijing for the first time, where she met private equity and venture capital firms. “LBS has opened doors to help me towards my goal,” she says.

“I feel privileged and proud to be associated with such an esteemed institution,” says Executive MBA student William Yerburgh EMBALS2018. William, founder of Mitheridge Capital Management LLP, says he is extremely honoured to have been awarded the 50th Anniversary Scholarship. Moreover, “The programme has been invaluable.”

Canadian Faith Chin MiFFT2017, who grew up in Hong Kong, is studying full-time for the Masters in Finance. Her background is in economics and she was previously working at Bank of Canada. “Coming from a public sector background, the programme has been an amazing window into the world of business and finance,” she says. “The experience so far has given me much more confidence and opened many more opportunities for me that my personal and professional life would not have otherwise had.”

“I was overjoyed to be offered the 50th Anniversary Scholarship to study for the Executive MBA at LBS in Dubai,” says Lucy Turner EMBADS2018, Business Development Manager – Middle East at the international law firm K&L Gates. “Six months into the course, it has already been the best thing I’ve ever done. It would have been very difficult for me to come on the course without the scholarship. The EMBA has so far been everything I had hoped for and more.”

The Masters in Financial Analysis programme has offered Sara Ganz MFA2017, a member of the inaugural class, an “incredible cross-sector financial training spanning corporate finance, asset management, M&A and a variety of other courses that are integral to my future development.” A liberal arts graduate of Harvard University, Sara calls the friends she has made “truly inspiring individuals who have not only made this year dynamic, exciting and fun but have also provided a window into their unique cultural backgrounds. This year has already been truly transformative.”

CJ Dilindi MiM2017, who is studying for the Masters in Management, says LBS has already had a big impact on him with its action-based learning and teaching focused on real-world applications. Formerly an analyst at Nymex Capital, CJ, who is French, has a BS in aerospace engineering and aims to move into management. “I would not have been able to attend this institution without being awarded this generous scholarship,” he says. “The added value of an LBS education for my future career prospects will be phenomenal.” CJ says he hopes to repay the favour one day. “It would be my honour to pass this gesture on to future LBS students who may find themselves in need of financial aid just as I was at the start of this year.”

Paul Liu SLN2017, Managing Partner of LIROS Capital, a private clients practice within IPPFA, Asia’s largest independently owned financial advisory firm, was looking for career re-ignition and quickly decided that the Sloan Masters was the programme that would make the difference. “I have been fast-tracked into school life amidst an amazing and diverse network of new colleagues and faculty,” he says. “In the years ahead, I look forward to playing a critical role in furthering LBS’s global charter – especially in Asia.”

Thank you once again to all our friends and alumni who made these awards possible.