Sussex Place Club

The School is proud to honour its dedicated and long-standing supporters as members of the Sussex Place Club. These individuals have made cumulative lifetime gifts in excess of £100,000. We value and appreciate their generous and continuous support.


Jeremy Coller
Sir Donald Gordon
Ian Laing MSc04(1971) and Caroline Laing
Sir John Ritblat
Lord Sainsbury of Turville
Tony Wheeler MSc05(1972) and Maureen Wheeler


Nigel Andrews MSc11(1978) and Joni Andrews
Roger Carlsson MSc17(1984)
Francis Finlay
Ian Hannam MSc17(1984) and Debbie Hannam
Chris Ingram
David Potter and Elaine Potter


Celia Atkin LEP16(1973)
The Bagri Family
John Barnes MSc08(1975) and Sam Barnes
Robert Bauman
Peggy Czyzak-Dannenbaum MSc09(1976)
Peter Englander PhD1980
David Gardner CFE1996
Robert Gavron
The Le Goy Family
Mounir Guen
Mo Ibrahim
Evi Kaplanis PhD1980, MSc14(1981) and Costas Kaplanis PhD1982
Terry Neill MSc03(1970)
Idan Ofer MSc15(1982)
Frederick Pakis SLN12(1980)
David Pyott MSc13(1980)
Sergio Ravich Calafell MBA1993 and Cornelia Ravich Calafell
Mike Salamon MSc14(1981)
Vladimir Vendin MiFFT1998

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